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    Let Orem Vote is a Utah Political Issues Committee dedicated to giving the citizens of Orem a stronger voice.
    With our combined voices your vote can be used to help keep Orem a strong, family-oriented city.

    We encourage…

    • Orem citizens to get involved in city decisions
    • Public debate and discussion concerning local issues
    • Neighborhood participation
    • Safe neighborhoods surrounding great schools
    • Eliminating special interest money in the election process

    Join with Let Orem Vote and help us to create a stronger, family-based city with fair, representative city government.

  • Quality Safe Schools

    Quality Schools The reality is this growth is younger or newly married with no children. Orem and Provo are just a temporary stop while getting an education and then moving on…

  • Preserving Residential Neighborhoods

      We believe residential neighborhoods need to be preserved.  Orem City Council has approved thousands of new apartments that have impacted our city traffic, utility systems, schools and business tax base…