Preserving Residential Neighborhoods


We believe residential neighborhoods need to be preserved.  Orem City Council has approved thousands of new apartments that have impacted our city traffic, utility systems, schools and business tax base in a negative way.

A recent article in the Daily Herald based upon a recent study provides interesting information.

Among a plethora of graphs, data and stories are the blaring facts of living conditions in the area, be it housing, the impoverished, education and more.  Among this information, it was found that more than half of Provo’s impoverished are enrolled in college or graduate school.

Nearly 1 out of 3 college students in Utah County are in poverty, according to the needs assessment.

The housing issues for BYU students brings its own problems to the school and the city. Both entities continue to work on how to not only help the students, but the city’s impoverished as a whole.

This revelation explains why the Provo Mall has never really been able to turn a profit.  Much of Provo’s residents are living below the poverty level.   Orem’s own Apartment explosion is also affecting the success of our own University Place.

Fact is most of the new apartments recent approved are in no way “low cost housing” but in fact expensive with monthly payments near the cost of home ownership.

This is true with the newly proposed Palos Verde project located near UVU.  This project will cost the tenant $540.00 for a one-year lease.  If you choose the more common nine month lease the cost is in excess of $720.00 per month for a one-bedroom shared living area.

Even more interesting is that UVU has committed to house its scholarship and student athletes at Palos Verde.   Scholarship funds come either through generous donation or from our own tax dollars through the state.  Would it not be a better use of OUR dollars to house scholarship individuals in a nice but lower cost housing complex, many that are also within walking distance to UVU.



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