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The reality is this growth is younger or newly married with no children. Orem and Provo are just a temporary stop while getting an education and then moving on after graduation. Coupled with an older and younger population its easy to understand why Orem’s k-12 schools have lost students.

Alpine School district has started a process called consolidation where it is selling off some schools, remodeling older properties. In the long run this will mean more students and higher number of students in each class.

We feel this is wrong and here is why: Slowly we are seeing that the older population are selling their homes which are being purchased by young families with children. Because this is happening we believe the cycle will return where Orem will start to see an increase in school age children and we will actually need our schools back. If not classroom sizes will start to increase and the quality of our education will go down.

Truth is Orem still provides Alpine School with over 44% of its funds through our tax dollars and is still the largest city in the district yet Alpine is relocating those dollars to build schools in the faster growing areas around Lehi and Sarasota Springs. They are also selling of older schools to raise money to fund the Northern growth.

In summary we are concerned this process will harm Orem’s schools and quality of education. Orem’s City Council is unwilling to address this issue and have repeatedly refused to look at what might be a profound misstep.

We have asked the City to support a study that will look at the issues and provide solutions. The study would be funded through private donation and would not cost Orem City any money.

School Safety

Finally LetOremVote has started a petition initiative to protect the safety of our k-12 students. With developers purchasing residential subdivision to replace them with high density apartments and the added cars and traffic that would occur we feel a need to at least provide protections for our schools and students from such growth.

The Not By My School initiative would not allow any high density apartment zones within 1500 ft of any k-12 school in Orem.




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