Vote Against Prop 5

Spot Zone: We do not support a Spot Zone for high-density apartments by Woodbury Corp. in what is clearly an established residential area. This project is so large that Orem City projected a traffic impact of over 5,378 new car trips per day on adjacent residential streets. When it was clear the home owners objected to the rezone, Woodbury then began tearing down all the homes before seeking a zone change. This unopposed precedent by our City effects the stability of homeowners that live next to UVU. Clearly, Orem City, developer and UVU refused to listen.

Increase in crime: “It is really very simple and something I witnessed first-hand as I served as a law enforcement officer for over 20 years. Every time high-density housing was built, crime in that area greatly increased. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. This is not an occasional coincidence but an undeniable fact that can easily be confirmed by reviewing the unbiased statistical data provided at the LexisNexis Community Crime Map. Richard Dewey Retire Provo Police Officer.

Alternatives: 1) The new UVX bus system connects several student housing projects in Orem and Provo to UVU. The new bus system provides a direct link to UVU, with buses every 6 minutes. 2) Use open commercial zones South and West of campus and along UVX Bus routes.

Effects ON Nearby Schools
: Why build High-Density Apartments in residential zones and home to so many public schools. Lakeridge Jr. High is located directly across the street from this project. Westmore Elementary School is only 3 blocks away. Orem Elementary and Mt. View High School are just 6 blocks away.

Property Tax: We reject the rezone of residential for High-Density Apartments. The very suggestion by tax happy public servants puts every home in Orem at risk. While students are asking for affordable housing students are the ones paying the $400,000 tax bill while the developer keeps the profits. The Woodbury project is not affordable for students with a two-semester cost of $720 per month.

Does it SUPPORT UVU Students? It was recently discovered that UVU and its Foundation diverted nearly $4 million, meant for all students, directly into the Woodbury Project. Yet never mention that 2 members of the UVU Foundation are the very developers of this project. Is it really fair to students who want low cost housing to invest in a high-end apartment village affordable only by the very wealthy and is used by only .04% of UVU’s student body?

Good Zoning Practice: “The real atrocity is that those very few (Woodbury and UVU) have received the support of city government, the very government that established the zoning for the purpose of making the area what it is today, to protect those who established and maintained what the area is today. HOW HYPOCRITICAL OF GOVERNMENT TO NOW CHANGE THAT ZONING TO FURTHER THE INTERESTS OF SO FEW, YET SO POWERFUL, AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF SO VERY MANY – IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO WHY GOVERNMENT IS ESTABLISHED.” Doug Hale….Orem Citizen